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This year's show will be captured by cameras from the Travel Channel, which this week named the event one of two top finalists competing for the nation’s best holiday fireworks celebration.




Estimated crowds of 15,000 to 20,000 gather on the streets of downtown. Many thousands more view from the beaches north and south.



"This event captures what it means to live in Manhattan Beach. It's our favorite day of the year. We have been coming for over 20 years now would not miss it for the world..."

Manhattan Beach Resident

Be sure to check out the article in the Los Angles Times

Fireworks begin in

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"Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks...
 ...The Beach Cities BEST Community Event"

It's as if the entire town comes to the pier to see the show and see their the time the sun sets and the fireworks explode the merriest people in the world on that day and at that time are probably the people sitting on Manhattan Beach Boulevard wrapped in blankets and gazing into the night sky.

The Beach Reporter, 2008

*Photo: Robert Shellabarger of Torrance gets into the seasonal spirit and takes some photos too on Sunday in Manhattan Beach. Credit: Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times.