Hello Manhattan Beach and The South Bay

The Skechers Holiday Fireworks and schedule will remain the same as prior years with the following conditions for 2021:

  1. The public will be encouraged to sit on the beach as there will be limited seating on MB Boulevard due to the outside dining decks.
  2. There will be NO seating or access on MB Boulevard west of Manhattan Avenue to the pier due to congestion in the street.
  3. The Bounce Park will be cancelled this year due to Covid concerns.

See you soon for “Everyone’s Favorite Day of the Year in MB”

Pete Moffett

Founder and Producer / Pete Moffett Productions, Inc

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They make the Holiday Fireworks Show happen!

The 2021 Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks Show

Manhattan Beach’s Signature Holiday Event

The Holiday Fireworks have, over an entire generation, become part of the very heart and soul of our community.

The annual event started as a way for local business leaders to kick-off the holiday season, and give something back to Manhattan Beach. The deed has flourished – and this spirit of sharing is nowhere more apparent than here, as quoted from the Beach Reporter:

“If you want to feel a sense of community, there is nothing like the annual Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks show. It’s as if the entire town comes to the pier to see the show and see their neighbors… By the time the sun sets and the fireworks explode, the merriest people in the world …are probably the people sitting on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, wrapped in blankets and gazing into the night sky”

So come out and join me as we once again soak-in this great event and create new memories with family, friends and neighbors.

Pete Moffett MB Holiday Fireworks founder and producer.

Please Note that NO DRONES are permitted at this event. Public Safety is our #1 priority.

Entertainment & Event Schedule

Voted Best In Show

Voted best Holiday Fireworks Show in the Nation on Travel Channels Jingle Brawls originally aired December 2013

Voted Best Community Event Manhattan Beach Chamber, Best of Manhattan 2014

Manhattan Beach Boulevard

Overlooking The Manhattan Beach Pier


All Systems Go for December 12th, 2021 Rain or Shine!

We will be prepared to go Rain or Shine!

“We are bringing extra tarps in case we need to cover up, and we will be ready at show time.”

Frances Marquez ~ Fireworks America

As most locals probably remember, the 2015 Holiday Fireworks experienced drizzle most of the afternoon which turned into high winds and a series of rain squalls sweeping across the venue and crowd, an especially heavy one about 6:40 or so. So, as rain and winds continued to increase, I had the choice to launch the show at once or risk not being able to launch at all.

MB Fire Department makes this determination from end of the pier on a minute to minute basis.

With so many thousands sitting in the rain for hours, I decided we could not risk no show at all and decided to launch at 6:50. The show was the best ever in believe, our fireworks company is to be commended for their stellar performance under such hostile conditions. We regret those who planned on 7:00 and did not get to see the whole show. Not my choice, but I believe unavoidable under the circumstances.

We have successfully launched on time for almost 30 years only missing the published time by minutes in three or so instances in each case the delay caused by weather. We may face the same issue this or any other year. Wind and fog are the major elements of concern, rain less so unless a deluge right at launch time.

We appreciate the community understanding that Mother Nature plays a huge role!

Happy Holidays, hope all enjoy the event and show.

Pete Moffett – Founder and Producer

Important Street Closings & Parking For 2021

Courtesy of Manhattan Beach PD & Downtown Manhattan Beach


Manhattan Beach Boulevard – The Pier to Manhattan Avenue :: 6am to 11pm
Manhattan Beach Boulevard – Manhattan Avenue to Valley Drive :: 1pm to 11pm
Ocean Drive – 8th Place to 15th Street :: 1pm to 11pm
Manhattan Avenue – 9th Street to 15th Street :: 2pm to 11pm
Highland Avenue – 9th Street to 15th Street :: 2pm to 11pm
Downtown streets west of Valley Drive 9th Street and 15th Street – Local Traffic Only :: 2pm to 11pm


The City of Manhattan Beach runs 12 parking lots. These lot locations can be viewed using the online Public Parking Lots Interactive Tour. Beyond lots, there are over 300 City street meters in the Downtown Manhattan Beach business district. There are multiple dedicated handicap spaces and EV charging stations in the Downtown area. Lot M, Lot 3, and the Civic Center Lot lower level all have EV charging stations.

Parking Rates: Beach Parking Lots- $2.00/hour | City Parking Lots- $2.00/hour | Street Parking- $2.00/hour

Additional Parking Information

For more information about parking, please visit the Downtown Manhattan Beach Parking page.

No Street Vendors Allowed

In support of local merchants and public safety, no street vendor policy will be enforced.

Absolutely No Drones Due To Public Safety Concerns!

Taxi drop off and loading zones:

5th Street and Manhattan Avenue  |  Valley Drive in front of Joslyn Center

Taxi/Uber/Lyft Loading zones:

1 – Northbound Valley Drive across from Joslyn Center

2 – Joslyn Center Parking Lot (5 spaces)

3 – Northbound Ardmore Avenue north of Manhattan Beach Boulevard (5 spaces in Lot 8)

4 – Eastbound 15th Street east of Highland Avenue (City Hall)


Manhattan Police and Fire Departments will decide when it is safe for the public to spread their blankets in the street for the show later in the evening.  The target range is between 2:30 and 4:30, again public safety being the determining factor. Please cooperate with the police, they have their hands full and are only trying to avoid any issues or problems. Blanket sizes should be for one party of 10 at most.

Do not try to mark off  huge spaces so all can have a closer view of the show.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Pete Moffett – Founder and Producer

Founded and Produced by MB Pete Moffett Productions, Inc., in Cooperation with the City of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks Show

Address: 2 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Email: info@mbfireworks.com

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